The New Church

Similar to other Protestant Christian churches, the New Church is based on the teachings of the Bible as illuminated by the writings of a theologian, in this case Emanuel Swedenborg.  Swedenborg was an 18th-century scientist and later theologian who provided an explanation of the Bible’s internal meaning, as well as writing many additional volumes that shed light on why we’re here and how to develop a functional relationship with God.  The doctrine of the New Church, based on these teachings and writings, differs from other Protestant doctrines in several ways however, one being that salvation is not a “one-and-done” event but instead a process of self-reflection and regeneration that lasts a lifetime.  The following list highlights the key tenets of the New Church to serve as a jump off point for discussion.  Please contact us with any questions, we would love to chat with you!

Key beliefs

  • Our Lord Jesus Christ is the one loving God. God is never angry and never gives up on anyone.
  • The Bible is God speaking to us through literal stories that are parables (allegories) with an inner meaning that applies to our life and spiritual development.
  • Salvation is progressive and involves an ongoing process of spiritual growth.
  • Heavenly happiness is God’s goal for everyone. The church exists to help people experience spiritual community.
  • Spiritual freedom is a gift. God endows us with the capacity to choose our eternal destiny.
  • Life after death is real. We each continue life’s journey as a complete person.
  • Heaven is for all people who become angels by living according to God’s Commandments.

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