Church Service FAQs

What time are church services?

 Services begin at 10:30am on scheduled Sundays (see bi-weekly schedule).  Our congregation members commute from all over to attend our services, so sometimes they arrive right at 10:30 and if you arrive early, things may appear a bit quiet.

Does Light For Life New Church have a regular meeting location?

We do not have a space of our own right now, so we meet for worship on Sundays at Park Place Assisted Living Center in Columbia City (6900 37th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118).

Where do I find the church group in Park Place Assisted Living Center?

Our congregation meets in the “exercise” room of Park Place.  When you walk into the main entrance of Park Place, walk straight past the front desk (on your left) and through the main living space (you will see a café/food counter on your right).  The room we use is on the left at the end of the main living area just as the hallway begins.  There is also a “Rec” room on the right that we use for fellowship and children’s programs.

Where can I park at Park Place to attend church?

You can park in any available space in the parking lot in front of Park Place Assisted Living or on the road around it (following parking signs as posted).

What should I wear to church services?

Some congregation members choose to wear nicer clothes (business casual) out of habit or a sign of respect, while others come as they are in whatever is comfy.

What programs are available for my kids?

 Any scheduled Sunday services not indicated as a “Family Service” will have a Sunday School program plan for older kids (9-14) and younger kids (3-8) after the Children’s Talk portion of the service.  We regret that there is not currently a nursery program for infants or an alternate “Cry Room” for moms with fussy babies.

 What can I expect from the church service?

Our church services follow a rather traditional format with singing hymns (accompanied by a professional guitarist), reciting of the Lord’s prayer, and delivery of a Children’s Talk and sermon.  As of July 2016, we do not have a resident pastor serving Light for Life.  Therefore, our bi-weekly services are either performed by a visiting minister from another New Church society, or a lay service is held.  Lay services may vary in format but generally follow the general format with an audio recording of a sermon or a member-led discussion of some text.

What happens after the service?

We prioritize a time for discussion and questions amongst the congregation immediately after the church service.  Then announcements are made and the group gathers to chat and visit over refreshments.